A Barrel of Fun Productions

Musical Acts

Uke Nuts - A lively musical singing duo, who play a variety of vintage ukuleles,
along with bass ukulele, banjo, harmonica and drums. Their song bag includes songs
mainly from the 1920's through the 1970's. This fun, interesting and versatile duo is
great for private functions, clubs, fairs, festivals, etc. We also have programs tailored
for seniors.  

Ukulele Art -  Music from "The Good Old Days". His show encompasses a variety of
musical styles, including pop, folk, country, blues, calypso, western and Hawaiian.
Fun songs on banjo-uke, ukulele, and harmonica.

Ukulele Lady - Plays songs from the 20's through the 50's, using a variety of
interesting ukuleles, harmonica and banjo uke. Her unique program engages the
audience in sing-a-long songs that warm the heart.

Santa Claus - Our Santa is a lovable, experienced and believable Santa who
always wins the hearts of children. He doesn't just look the part, but he also acts the
part. He is very jolly, musical and funny! He gets many repeat customers.

Mrs. Claus - Specializes in face painting, storytelling and music.  She has all the
popular holiday designs to choose from and has a knack for telling fun,  seasonal
stories. With her little ukulele, she leads everyone in holiday songs.
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email: bof@rochester.rr.com
Other Programs
For a clip of Uke Nuts
playing live, google:
Uke Nuts Avon
Finger Lake Times