Professor Klutzo’s “Moon Magic"
Join the Professor as he talks about the fascination and mystique of the
moon.  In this interactive and educational program, the Professor shares
fun facts and fables about the moon, including the first men on the moon.  
The Professor also demonstrates gravity in his juggling segment.Comedy,
music, ventriloquism and a bit of “moon magic” are also part of the fun. .
Catfish Charlie's  “Alien on the Loose”
In this comedy-musical program, children get to meet a very special Alien
friend that Catfish meets while fishing. This alien also happens to love
reading, which is what brought him to Planet Earth. This show includes
plenty of audience participation, some fun outdoor songs and lots of laughs
when Catfish Charlie makes a surprise catch!
Pete The Pirate's  “Planets Ahoy!”
Who better to understand the galaxy, planets and constellations than a
pirate who sails the open seas! Children love joining in with Pete and his
puppet partners Sam the parrot and Clarence the clown fish, while learning
about the planets and stars. This rousing program includes lots of comedy,
audience participation, music and magic. Climb aboard Pete’s ship, the
“Galactic Sea Goose.”
Puppet Show "Rama the Robot Visits the Farm"
Children join in the fun when Rama the Robot pays an unexpected visit to
Old McDonald’s Farm!  Buddy the dog befriends Rama, but Clara the cow
does not want to welcome the little robot. She has a change of heart
when Rama rescues her from Sneaky Snake, who likes playing games on
Clara. This show is a lesson about accepting others as they are.
Ukulele Art's " A Universe of Songs"
Children love participating in interactive music.  Ukulele Art brings a wide
variety of fun songs with the Universe theme. Some of the songs included
are: “Would You Like to Swing on a Star”, “Up Like a Rocket”, Hey Mr.
Spaceman” and “The Stars at Night.” A variety of vintage ukuleles and fun
hands on percussion instruments are featured along with a very cute
puppet friend named Hubert.         
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