Professor Klutzo’s “Imagine This!"
In this highly interactive and entertaining program, the Professor shares
the importance of using your imagination. With volunteers from the
audience, he weaves a story using the children's imaginations. This
program also includes live music, magic, juggling and ventriloquist
Percy the Penguin and Freddy the Frog.
Rattlesnake Red's  “Imagination Gone Wild”
You will have a rip-roarin’ time with this wacky cowboy! This program takes
you back to the Wild West through stories and songs that feature mandolin,
ukulele, banjo and harmonica. And as with all cowboys, Rattlesnake has his
puppet partner
Horace the Horse to keep him company as well as a silly
snake named
Cedric.There is lots of audience participation throughout this
Pete The Pirate's  “Swashbuckling Stories & Songs!”
Children can imagine that they are a pirate sailing the seas in this creative
and fun show. Pete talks about how reading is one of the greatest treasures
of all. With a great book and your imagination, you can travel anywhere in
the world. This interactive program includes magic, songs and ventriloquism,
Benny the Talking Book and the ever popular Sam the Parrot.
Puppet Show "The Enchanted Kingdom"
Characters from classic fairy tales learn how to use library resources to
help them solve their problems. These cute and believable characters
from Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs, The Frog Prince and more, delight
young children with their comedy and musical performances.
 (Recommended for children ages 7 and under).
Derby Dan's " The Song Tells the Story"
This interactive music program features a variety of Folk Songs that tell
stories of our heritage. Some songs included are: John Henry, This Land is
Your Land, The Erie Canal, Wabash Cannonball and more. Vintage
stringed instruments are included, as well as the very lovable puppet pal
Hubert the Hound Dog.    
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