Professor Klutzo’s “Wonderful World of Music"
Join the Professor as he takes you on a tour of world music and
interesting instruments. This program includes comedy, music, magic and
ventriloquism. Instruments that are featured in this audience participation
show include: mandolin, balalaika, banjo, ukulele, harmonica and tiple. An
old time gramophone demonstration is a very popular part of this
engaging and educational show.
Bongo Joe's  “Shake It Up Show”
Rock with the beat of Bongo Joe and his percussion-based lively show.  In
this musical program, children are hands-on with many different types of
percussion instruments including bongos, congas, cowbells, maracas,
tambourines, shakers & more. Children are shown how to make their own
homemade shakers using a variety of materials. Ventriloquism, featuring
Gunther the Gorilla is a big hit.
Ukulele Art's  “Under The Ukulele Tree”
Children love the ukulele! Ukulele Art demonstrates a wide variety of vintage
instruments from the ukulele family tree, starting with the little soprano uke
and working up to the baritone.  This spirited program includes a range of
musical styles and lots of audience participation. Rocky, his ventriloquist
puppet friend provides plenty of humor for the entire family.  
Library Puppet Show "The Enchanted Kingdom"
Characters from classic fairy tales learn how to use library resources to
help them solve their problems. These cute and believable characters
from Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood delight
young children. Dewey Decimal, the ventriloquist talking book
underscores the importance and fun of reading. Recommended for
younger audiences.  
Derby Dan's " American Music Rocks"
This program chronicles the roots of American music through the years,
including early folk songs, to songs from Stephen Foster, Woody Guthrie
and early rock and roll. Instruments featured are the banjo, mandolin,
ukulele, harmonica and more. This light-hearted audience interactive show
also features ventriloquist partner Hubert the loveable hound dog.            
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