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Children's Services

Professor Klutzo - This lovable professor has a great time showing the children magic,
music, juggling and more.  However, things seem to go wrong for him. The fumbling and
bumbling antics of the Professor will leave the audience in stitches!

Pete The Pirate - Aye Aye matey, shiver me timbers! With fun songs featuring mandolin
and harmonica, Pete and Sam, his parrot puppet, bring their own brand of humor to the show.
Pete's magic segment is always a favorite with the children.

Rattlesnake Red - For a rip-roarin' time, this wacky cowboy is your answer. With his guitar,
harmonica and puppet pal Hubert, the hillbilly hound dog, he sings and clowns his way into the
hearts of children. This show is full of audience participation!

Catfish Charlie - Camp out with Catfish Charlie.  You'll get hooked on Charlie and his
puppet partner Skeeter, as they sing camp songs, tell jokes and fish tales. The children will
get "caught" up in the fun of this very interactive and humorous program.


Farm Animal Show - It's Old McDonald's farm and the puppets are having a celebration.
These adorable hand puppets, not only talk, but also sing! The puppets are believable and
lovable.  This lively show has proven to hold many short attention spans.

Enchanted Kingdom Show - Fairy tale friends search for answers in an enchanted
kingdom. This show includes a Prince, Princess, Dragon and many other fairy tale characters.
It is Musical....Entertaining....and Fun!

Zoo Puppet Show - One of the zoo animals is not happy with who she is, and visits the
other animals.  She finds out the grass is not always greener, and that everyone is unique in
their own way. Music, laughs and a moral to the story, makes this a great show.


Uke Nuts - A lively musical singing duo, who play a variety of vintage ukuleles, along with
bass ukulele, banjo, harmonica and drums. Their song bag includes songs mainly from the
1920's through the 1970's and covers many styles of music. This fun, and versatile duo is
great for private functions, clubs, fairs, festivals, etc.
Note: (This duo also has an age appropriate children's program)

Ukulele Art - This interactive music program delights audiences while introducing them to a
variety of vintage banjo-uke, ukuleles, harmonica and other instruments.  It's impossible not to
get involved in this rollicking sing-along. It's a bit of history and a lot of fun!

Ukulele Lady - A spirited music program of folk and other songs from around the world.  
Different ukuleles are used, as well as percussion instruments. Props and puppets may be
used depending on the age group. She also includes a "baby banjo", which is always a hit.

Bongo Joe - This  performance features lots of "hands on" audience participation with a
wide variety of interesting percussion instruments. Stringed instruments and ventriloquist
puppets are also included in this fun, entertaining and interactive program.  


World Tour of Music - Sing-a-long songs with instruments from around the world.  Some of
the instruments that may be included are, balalaika, mandolin, accordion, dumbek, harmonica,
banjo, tiple or other instruments. This program is educational and fun!

American Music Tribute - A musical journey through America's past. Using a variety of
interesting instruments, many styles of music are covered. The audience is invited to actively
contribute to the show while learning about the rich musical heritage of our country.


Doodles - Specializing in designs for small children.  Over 30 popular designs to choose
from, including: Tweety Bird,  unicorns, hearts, flowers, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, dinosaurs,
dragons, dogs, kitties and more. With other 20 years of experience and a gentle touch,
squirming faces are turned into smiles.
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